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Whaaat? websites cause CO2 emissions?

Yup. A lot, actually! The internet runs on electricity. Using electricity produces emissions. In 2020, the internet and its access devices were responsible for around 3.7 % of the global CO₂ footprint. By 2040, this figure is expected to rise to a whopping 14 %.

sustainable website.
small footprint.

A climate-friendly website is one thing above all: small! The smaller it is, the less data (and electricity) is used. That’s why green web design is all about keeping page sizes as small as possible. The biggest helpers are optimised code and green design principles.

CO2 emissions per view

< 0.5 g

Sustainable website

1.76 g

Average website

Average page load time

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How it works

This CO₂ calculator analyzes a variety of parameters to determine a page’s carbon emissions. Learn more.

  • Data transfers (page sizes)
  • Energy intensity of the data
  • Energy source used by data center
  • Carbon intensity of electricity
  • Website traffic

Why? To raise awareness and help you compare websites. Let’s create a greener internet!

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