J.F. Schwarzlose: 132% More Revenue in a Year 

Imagine this: A 132% increase in online store sales within 12 months. That’s the result of the webshop UX and design overhaul we did for J.F. Schwarzlose, a chic perfume brand from Berlin. 

Ever since Schwarzlose’s been a retainer client with us. Their sales skyrocketed to six figures in three years, now soaring at 226% above where they started. 

Since we started working with them, we ramped the conversion rate from 1.3% to 4-5%. For a bit of perspective, the global average is around 2.6%. 

So, how’d we do it? 

First off, we did a deep dive into their shop. What’s working? What’s not? What’s hiding in the shadows? With these insights, we got to work: 

4 Immediate Technical Measures 

  • Performance Boost: Upping the site speed increased conversions and lowered bounce rates. 
  • Plugin Clean-Up: Stripping down to essential plugins not only boosted performance but reduced tech issues, too. 
  • Clearer Product Paths: Uniform URLs got Google to rank the site higher. 
  • Google Analytics: We tailored the site to be more user-friendly through insights into user behavior. 

Initial UX Makeover 

We didn’t just work on the technical framework; we also improved the overall user experience:

Design & Layout

  • Design Facelift: We modernized the look, showing customers they’re buying from a timeless yet trendy brand. 
  • Structure Optimization: Every pixel counts! We positioned important content pieces and CTAs to streamline the customer journey. 

Product Pages 

  • Intro of Variants: More choices per product page, without being overwhelming. 
  • Cross-Selling: Suggesting related products for a nifty sales boost. 

Building Trust 

  • Social Proof: Reviews, testimonials, trust badges – all geared towards cementing customer trust. 
  • Transparency: Clear info and open chats locked in trust and encouraged repeat shopping. 

Navigation & Checkout

  • Streamlined Buying Path: Simplifying steps for quicker checkouts. 
  • Checkout Facelift: A sleeker process pushed up the conversion rate. 
  • Menu Makeover: More intuitive, so users find what they want without the fuss. 

Thanks to all this, Schwarzlose saw a 132% sales spike in 12 months. And, fun fact, our team’s perfume game has elevated to another level, too. 

3-Year Wrap-Up: Sales Surging by 226% 

After the initial success, we were just getting started. Over the next three years, we rolled out more ideas and measures to boost Schwarzlose’s sales. 

Long-term Boosts for More Sales 

Tech & Support 

  • Technical Care: Regular updates ensure smooth browsing and top-notch security. 
  • Email Marketing: Thanks to regular MailChimp campaigns, customer loyalty is stabilized. 
  • SEO Magic: Ongoing tweaks for better search engine visibility and more quality traffic. 
  • System Training: Training the Schwarzlose team for efficient and self-sufficient online shop management. 

UX & Conversion Makeover

  • Ongoing UX Tweaks: Regular evaluations, tests, and changes for a smoother user experience. 
  • Sales-Boosting Strategies: Tricks like automatic cart recovery and auto discounts to increase sales.

Growth & Evolution 

  • ERP System: Helping with Enterprise Resource Planning for streamlined processes. 
  • New Product Launches: Introducing fresh products with a bang. 
  • Landing Pages for SEA: Creating conversion-focused landing pages for specific online marketing campaigns. 
  • Going Global: Optimizations like multiple languages and worldwide shipping pave the way for global expansion.

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