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Websites that are good
for planet and business.

We create sustainable websites that are low on emissions – but high on page speed. Did we mention they’re easy on the eyes, too?

Sustainable websites.lighter on the planet.

We use sustainable design principles and energy-efficient technology to create a greener internet.

loads in less than 2 seconds

up to 70 % less co2 emissions

accessible for slow connections

average 90/100 seo scoring

causes less pollution.
Puts the earth first.

A sustainable website has a light page weight. Only very little data needs to be loaded each visit, saving energy and cutting the resulting emissions by up to 70 %.

CO2 emissions per visit
< 0.5 g

Sustainable website

1.76 g

Average website

Average page load time

The Tesla among websites. Minus the car.

outperforms average websites. with ease.

As fast as they are efficient, sustainable websites load in less than 2 seconds and make for a seamless user experience.

IN the search engine ranks.

Sustainable websites pave the way to the top search results, because they excel at the parameters that search engines look at. It doesn’t get more Google-friendly than this!

Decluttered code
File compression
Great usability
WCGA-approved contrasts
Fast loading time
Precise wording

Really EASy. for users to navigate.

Smart information architecture helps users quickly find what they need. Shortening the journey from 3 to 2 pages already has a positive environmental impact.

This movement pattern looks familiar. Friday night, is that you?


footprint of an average website with 10.000 monthly views per year

200 kg of
CO₂ equivalent

The same weight as a fully grown southern sea lion. As much CO2 as 192 hours of video meetings.

500 kilowatt
hours of energy

Enough electricity to drive an electric car from Berlin to Jerusalem – around 3.000 km.

Carbon absorption
of 9 trees

The same amount of carbon that 9 trees absorb in a year.

We’re not saying you should
get a sea lion instead of a website, but please get in touch if you do.

Does with less.
Still looks great.

Sustainable websites do without the superfluous. But that doesn’t mean they look less good. Quite the opposite! See for yourself.

but wait.
there’s more.

Green energy

Renewable energy for a
new generation of websites.

Green hosting is one of the most important ingredients of sustainable websites. We only work with hosters who run on 100% renewable energy.

This contrast, for example, is absolutely terrible.


Colors with a high contrast ratio for great readability on all devices.

We use APCA-compliant contrasts so that our texts are easy to read for everyone.


Great performance even for
slow connections.

Sustainable websites are small by design. That makes them easily accessible for slow internet connections, ensuring you’re not missing out on potential customers.

how can you start?

Get a free audit

We analyze your Homepage and calculate your CO2 emissions. We make first suggestions for improvements. All you have to do to get started is enter your URL.

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Improve your website

We audit your website and minimize your website’s carbon emissions by up to 70%.

Build a new website

For best results, we’ll create a new website with sustainability as the leading principle from step one.


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